How to switch desktop environmen from kde to xfce, vice versa?

So i reinstalled the endeavour because it’s failed booting, then i select kde as my DE. But i have problem with performance using KDE, because my old hardware so how to switch from kde to xfce or vice versa? I don’t wanna reinstall it again.

First, I would say that doing so is fraught with peril if you don’t have the expertise to troubleshoot minor issue as most DEs are not made to co-exist with others.

That being said, this should install xfce:

sudo pacman -S eos-packagelist
eos-packagelist --install "XFCE4-Desktop"

Not trolling. But if you asked that around this time last year, maybe last month, I would suggest installing Slackware. :smiley:

Install everything like I did for 32-bit only.

Word of caution that installing 64-bit XFCE might require some investigation about how to get Wifi, because that’s what stopped me. No problems getting Internet on KDE. But that’s Slackware LOL.

But what do you mean “problem with performance”? The KDE compositor could be disabled, and the animations. Also I would severely limit what “baloo” does (system search function) although it could hinder you if you need that sort of thing. I gather you have a computer inferior to mine to be saying such things. I have an 11-year-old HP laptop with 2-core processor and 4GB RAM and slow 500GB hard disk, not SSD. No Nvidia, no AMD.

Using xfce is more faster and more solid. So i didn’t have problem for basic activity like browsing or using inkscape in KDE and it’s have beautiful ui, maybe little slower than xfce but if i run my nextjs project the desktop is going slow response and sometimes freeze.

so how to remove the kde after installing xfce?

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