How to switch between built in speaker and headphone without unplug headphone

I have a lenovo laptop(IdeaPad Gaming 3 15ACH6). often in my day i need to use headphones and i wanna switch to my internal speaker without unplug my headphone. This behavior works by default on windows, i have two outputs when my headphone is connected, i’m searched for long time but not found a solution.

I have two outputs but the speaker ins’t available and when i select the speaker as sound source, my pc don’t reproduce any audio, except that i’m having some sound after after switch to speaker like effect when i increase sound volume with keyboard shorcut.

When i’m using headphone as sound source, can i use alsamixer and with it increase the sound volume of my internal speaker, so my headphone and internal speaker are works at same time. Clearly, the best solution is switch to another sound sink like in first image

What happens if you switch the “Profile” from Analog Stereo Duplex to Analog Stereo Output (as speakers don’t have a microphone) in KDE Audio settings?

The same early behavior. The speaker keep unavailable and keep no sound when i change to speaker

Some weekly when i installed the first linux in my new pc, i did it very quickly with one command, but after reinstall/install endeavour os, i can’t found the same forum with the solution used before. so i know that’s possible, but idk how

Every computer should have a physical notebook with a physical pencil to record fixes and little used options. I call mine “my brain book”. The current brain book has Fedora stuff in the front of the book, and EnOS stuff in the back section.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to send me this amazing answer.

there are apps that do switching without unpluging the headphones like audioswitch. There is also the audioswitch headphone stand that is supposed to do this automatically and seamlessly
hope that I helped

It is not an answer, it is a solution. If you had done this the first time you had this problem then this Topic wouldn’t even exist.



“If”… if the world were perfect, many topics would not exist. Since I found the solution once, shouldn’t I ask for help? I really didn’t understand your point which by the way is not a solution, just a joke with me

I hope you realize that these people are not only trying to help you, but are also volunteers who do not get paid to do this. No need to be like this.


I didn’t mean to be rude, sorry. I really don’t understand if he’s just messing with me or he’s trying to help, and if he’s trying to help I don’t understand his solution

I was trying to give a piece of advice based on a lot of years of using computers.
I cannot estimate how much time my notes have saved me over the years.

I would wager that a lot of the users here have various methods of taking notes of things as they learn them.

I didn’t mean to get this off topic, my bad. Let’s get back to your speaker / headphone problem.



Yes, you are correct, should i save things like this. Sorry for be rude with you.

It is all a matter of timing… if the solution was already in hand, then the advice on avoidance would seem more relevant. Of course, mentioning that advice might have ‘slipped the mind’ by the time that solution is found…(sigh)

In the meantime… does this laptop come with ‘methods’ embedded for such switching - some F-key combo? That’s the first thing I would look for, especially if it were callable programmatically. Beyond that trail, I would look into sink switching, starting with pavucontrol (because it has usually worked on such issues for me - not because of great capability!). With the switching to pipewire et al, the little I know is probably now incorrect - and I can only suggest a troll through the archwiki…

Good luck!

No worries. It was probably just one of those lost in translation misunderstandings.


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