How to switch apps with finger swipes in KDE Plasma?

In Mac OS, there is a feature that the user can switch between open apps using three finger swipes on the trackpad.

Is it possible to do this in KDE Plasma with Wayland?

The current behavior for three finger swipes is set to change workspaces (virtual desktops).

So far, as far as I’m aware, the Wayland gestures are not yet (or not yet easily) customizable

You should be able to do it fairly easily on x11 and touche/touchegg though.

The problem is that you cannot overwrite Plasma gestures currently. You could use dotool + fusuma to bind the key combo ALT + Tab to the three finger swipe gestures, but that will also change workspace. You could instead bind it to swipe up/down.

Here is fusuma’s config.yml for this:

      command: 'echo key alt+tab | dotool'
      command: 'echo key alt+shift+tab | dotool'

thanks for the idea by the way!

Can you provide more details about how to setup fusuma and dotool?

Yes, I learned it here and explained how I set it up here.