How to stop yay from offering to replace an AUR package?

Every time I run yay, it tells me

:: Replace openblas-lapack with extra/blas-openblas? [Y/n] n

I don’t want to replace openblas-lapack because blas-openblas has issues.

Add it to IgnorePkg in /etc/pacman.conf.


It isn’t forcing you to replace it, it is only advice. As @xircon replied, you could put it on the ignore list, the downside of that method, in this case, is that when the older package is causing problems in the future, you forget about the replacement package and you start looking for a needle in a haystack, whilst the answer is in front of you all the time.


Hello @Bryanpwo long time no see typing :smiley: .

To answer the question. It’s just best to go with the newer version. I always do that. yay offers those based on the version. The only time yay managed to break my system doing this was kind of never. But if you don’t want to you can add it to the ignore list as suggested by @xircon .

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Both packages provide the same version of openblas, 0.3.24. The AUR package provides better performance, while the repo package is slow.

If a new version of OpenBLAS is released, the AUR package will be updated too.

If a package is ignored in /etc/pacman.conf, pacman will show when there’s an update to it. Then you can think of trying the latest version. If it doesn’t work, it is easy to downgrade from the local pacman cache (or you could copy that working package version somewhere safe place and install it from there).


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