How to start X Server on a different GPU?

Title. I have 3 GPUs (integrated, a GTX 970, and a GTX 650) installed in the system (host is an HP Proliant server). The integrated graphics absolutely suck (no reason for them in a server setting). My goal is to have EndeavourOS as the host, with VMs running GPU passthrough of Windows 11 and Mac.

(also, is it possible to adjust the fan curve? sounds like a jet engine even when temps are low, which is again, to be expected.)

i dont know if 650 series still works with 470 series ( or 495 series ) , may be 390 series

also search in wiki Archlinux

With Nvidya cards that require different drivers, this is going to be a nightmare to setup, if at all possible.

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Looks like 470 series driver supports both of those cards.

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