How to start with pacman?


I’m preparing to migrate from kubuntu to Endeavour OS. For installing programs I’m used to use “apt” and discover app provided by KDE. I installed Endeavour OS in virtualbox with Plasma DE to test it a little. I was a little lost where to start :slight_smile: I didn’t found any program similar to discover to find packages I wanted so searched on the net how to install sublimtext. I followed instructions and entered a few commands in konsle … Sublime was succesfully installed but whenrever I write pacman in konsole I get this output:
Posnetek zaslona 2022-01-20 192910
How do I remove those three same errors?

In short, what is the pacman version of apt get / apt install / apt update ?

On Endeavour OS Welcome screen I noticed links to browse all arch packages and all AUR packages. What is the difference? Under AUR list I found that there is sublimetext 4 which I tried to install manually.

The second thing I wanted to install was lsyncd and I couldn’t find any useful info how to do it on Endeavour OS, I found it preaty qucikly for Ubuntu. Probably I need to search how to install ____ on arch instead of Endeavour OS ?

Thanx for any tips and guidances.

Start here :wink:


I think this is a good resource to start

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Same time, same answer! :wink:

Thanx to both :slight_smile:

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for search net/mirrors:
pacman -Ss

for search packages installed:
pacman -Qs


I successfuly installed gimp :slight_smile: / First I searched for it with pacman -Ss gimp and then tried to install “gimp” which failed but I suceeed to install with “extra/gimp” … cool

Then I wanted to install “lsyncd” but previous “trick” didn’t worked. I get no results for it … any suggestions?

…ok first I need to read all from the link posted above :slight_smile:

pacman is the command used for when dealing with packages in the main Arch repos

yay is the command you use for when dealing with packages in the AUR (arch user repository)

lsyncd is not in the main Arch repos, but it is in the AUR, so for that:

yay -S lsyncd

You should familiarize yourself with the AUR and PKGBUILDS, most of that can be found in the Arch wiki as well:

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If you just type yay thing-i-want-to-install it will search and return a menu of potential things to install. Then you just pick the number you want to install.

For example:

>> yay lsync                                                                                                                                      
4 aur/clsync 0.4.5-1 [+0 ~0.00] [Orphaned]
    File live sync daemon based on inotify/kqueue/bsm (Linux, FreeBSD), written in GNU C
3 aur/mailsync 5.2.1-2 [+0 ~0.00]
    Synchronizes a collection of mailboxes using a 3-way diff
2 aur/lsyncd 2.2.3-3 [+64 ~0.25]
    Live Syncing (Mirror) Daemon
1 aur/rslsync 2.7.2-1 [+356 ~0.53]
    Resilio Sync (ex:BitTorrent Sync) - automatically sync files via secure, distributed technology
:: Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3):

You did something wrong there. sudo pacman -S gimp is all you need. Of course, you could specify extra/gimp but it isn’t needed.

For the sublime-text error, see:

This is only available if you have a paid license. It was a beta - now it is a release.

Edit your /etc/pacman.conf

You have registered sublime repo more than once.

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