How to shutdown my system now and make it reboot in an hour?

I want to ssh in my server and make it shutdown and automatically boot up again at a later time.

If you shutdown the computer then how do you expect it to reboot all by itself?

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Maybe you could suspend to RAM the server.
Then wake it up remotely with wol.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for though.

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I was hoping there would be a command to shut the system down and make it reboot at a later time but I guess it’s not possible.

Maybe something like rtcwake which is included in the package: core/util-linux.

This program is used to enter a system sleep state and to automatically wake from it at a specified time.

This uses cross-platform Linux interfaces to enter a system sleep state, and leave it no later than a specified time. It uses any RTC framework driver that supports standard driver model wakeup flags.

man page of rtcwake.


I’m not sure because I used wol last time years ago, but if I remember correctly, it can power on the computer (provided the hardware supports it)?

And I’ve never used rtcwake, but that too sounds worth a try.