How to set up a dual SSD partition

I’m a massive arch newbie coming from Ubuntu. I’m just wondering how I can configure my two ssds to be on the same boot. They’re both recognized one is under /dev/nvme0n1 and /dev/nvme1n1

Can you explain what you mean by this?

I’d like to try and merge them to run as one disk

There are several ways. The easiest is probably to use install to one disk using the btrfs filesystem. After the install is finished, it is one simple command to add the other disk to it.

Alternatively, you could use LVM in the installer under manual partitioning to assemble them together.

There is also a more manual approach using md to create a raid 0 device.

It is configured under btrfs currently I was just curious what the command might be?

Would it work later as well if I were to buy HDDs to use as media storage?

Something like:

sudo btrfs device add /dev/sdx /

Replace /dev/sdx with the device identifier for the disk you want to add.

If the media storage disks have similar performance characteristics to the other disks, then yes. If not, it is better to keep them in separate filesystems and mount the media storage device separately.

Thanks so much o7

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Depending on what you want to achieve, one possibility is to simply mount a partition of diskB to a folder in diskA. Then you can use both disks almost as if they were one disk.