How to set Hotkeys for MPV

Just installed MPV .
and i want a shortcut key/hotkey for automatically pausing the playing media and minimizing it to the shortcut.
In windows KMPLAYER had it by defauly
and previously VLC had that feature “BOSS KEY”

but cant find that in MPV
anyone can help in that ?

You cold copy the /usr/share/doc/mpv/input.conf file to your ~/.config/mpv folder and edit it to your liking.

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Also, you might want to edit your mpv.conf file like the screenshot below. But you decide how you want things.

By default, screenshots are set to ‘S’.

Here’s the text in case you’d like to copy and paste it:


WHEEL_UP        add volume 5
WHEEL_DOWN      add volume -5
WHEEL_LEFT      ignore
WHEEL_RIGHT     ignore
shift+s         screenshot each-frame
ctrl+RIGHT      frame-step
ctrl+LEFT       frame-back-step
ctrl+UP         playlist-shuffle
ctrl+DOWN       playlist-unshuffle


screenshot-directory=~/Downloads/New folder/

All of this and a lot more can be found at

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can you say for

automatically pausing and minimizing in the taskbar ? through ESC

The settings I pasted are the only settings I need, so I don’t know. You’ll have to scan the manual for that.

Also, I run MPV through Celluloid - it’s nicer-looking and provides some GUI settings, particularly a setting that allows me to link to and use my MPV settings.

But there are other MPV-based apps you can try as well.