How to see if port is accessible, for configuring Ubiquiti Unifi WAP

Hi guys, pretty new to networking. I’m trying to adopt an Ubiquiti Unifi U6 Mesh, to my Unifi controller installed from the AUR on my EndeavourOS KDE desktop.

The controller service is on and reachable, but can’t detect the U6 mesh on the network. When I get to the adoption stage, it says there are no unifi devices available. Troubleshooting, the controller is looking for the WAP at port 8080, and there are a few other ports I need as well.

I’ve performed a “nmap -sT”, which showed “8080/tcp open http-proxy” among other port settings.
Is this saying the port it open and discoverable, or that it’s reserved for something else?
I’d also like to access a web GUI service running at ", from another computer on the network. How would I open this to be accessible?

Sorry if this sounds a bit like gibberish, not sure of my terminology here.

You probably need to open inbound port UDP 10001 to enable device discovery.

If you also want to access the controller remotely you would also need to open TCP 8443. Alternatively, you could use cloud management to access it remotely.

To do this, open the firewall configuration. It will ask for your password.

Next change the box from runtime to permanent:


Next click on the services tab:

Now click the “+” to add a service.

Put unifi as the Name and click OK

Then find “unifi” on the list and select it:

Now we can add ports to the service. Click the “+Add” button:

In the Port box type 8443 and select tcp for protocol then click OK.
Click “+Add” again and this time put 10001 for Port and select udp for protocol and click OK.

Now it should look like this:

In the options menu, select “Reload firewalld” to get the new service added to the list.

Switch back to the Zones tab and select the zone you are using(It will be bold)

Now check the box next to unifi on the list:

To put your changes live, go back to the options menu and select “Runtime to permanent”

If you decide you need to add more ports later. All you need to do is edit the unifi service group to add the new ports and reload firewalld from the option menu.

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Thank you Dalto.
I also had to add port 8080 as tcp but that’s done the trick perfectly cheers.
I’d found my way to the firewalld service but lots of little steps in there I didn’t know about :).

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