How to run Pi Hole?

I started with local install of Pi Hole and determined I needed to install via a container, which I then installed a container app via AUR, I got sidetracked and would like to pick this back up to get a functioning install with GUI running Pi Hole. Please advise tutorials/guides etc.

You can install it locally or you can use a container.

There are a lot of different options for running in a container but here is one tutorial that looks reasonable:

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I have Pi-hole running locally, was able to whitelist for Plasma Weather, but I can never get the Pi-hole console to load via http://pi-hole as listed in their docs?

In order to log in just enter the local ip adress of the device where pihole is installed in the searchbar of your browser followed by a colon and the port number then /admin

For me it’s:


You can probably just use localhost as well.


Probably but I have it installed on a headless raspberry pi.

Loads a blank white page for me. Least no error… ugh, tough.
Networking is not native to me, trying to learn a new skill set.

Go to your terminal and type pihole -d and look if it spits out any errors.

Pi-hole debug options are disabled.

ArchLinux distribution of Pi-hole is not supported by official project and this debug report CAN NOT be uploaded to their debug team.
Follow instructions carefully on the project wiki page ( and please refer to AUR package web page for support and debugging (

I may hold off until I get a Raspberry Pi as I have wanted one to tinker with and this machine I have pretty stable, working my cloud infra job role without issue.

You can look for help on their reddit page my guess is they will figure out what’s up.

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