How to run a .sh file without using the terminal?

Hello all,
I’m running the newest EndeavousOS using Plasma desktop environment and wrote few .sh files. The .sh files are executable and easily run from the terminal.

My question is… how can I run a .sh file without using the terminal? I should be able to click on, let say, and it should run. Currently, if I click on it it will open up in a text editor like Kate and that is not what I want.

How do I make it do that?

Thank you

in a file manager would be dificult…

alt-f2 ./path/ should be doable ?

In plasma (which may be different from other DEs in this regard), you right-click on the file icon, choose properties, and mark it as executable. Thereafter, clicking will execute the file. If you want to open it for editing, you right-click and choose to edit with your favorite text editor.


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No. I just explained in my original post that the sh file is already executable and will run if using the terminal. It won’t run just by clicking on it. Understand?

If I click on a sh file it simply opens up in kate editor, which is not I want.

I want to run a sh file simply by click on it.

Then would be simpler to create a *.desktop file and place it as example in your desktop area.

that *.desktop file needs the path of your script… the filemanager should recognize that standard as a text file. make a desktop file you can make a starter out of it.

Choose Open With > Other Application, click Terminal options , select Run in Terminal. Then you can also right-click to open with Kate to edit.

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Apologies—I misread your original post.

No worries, mate

Totally forgotten about that function… changed to Yakuake with the Terminal option ticked.

It is fine now. Thank you everyone.


Here’s a guide to running a shell script.