How to Restore Timesift via Live Cd KDE?

I’m trying to experiment, or learn how to restore from a live cd using timeshift if you were getting a blank screen and not able to login normally for example. I already have installed timeshift on my system, but when I use the live cd there is no timeshift there. I was able to do this experiment with Manjaro without any problem, and now I’m trying to learn how to do it with EndeavorOs just in case!

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I think you would have to install timeshift. Then you would be able to restore by browsing to the file you want to restore from.

I already have installed Timeshift on my system, but when there is no timeshift when you’re using the live cd!

Basically, chroot into your system from a live image, type sudo timeshift --restore and follow the prompts. Type exit to cleanly exit the chroot, then reboot.

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I don’t know to chroot! How do I chroot?

Install arch-install-scripts, mount your partition to /mnt

arch-chroot /mnt

i guess it should also be possible to install timeshift in the live system. Then just use it to restore a snapshot :thinking:

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@jonathon has another method for doing it without chroiot.

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Yes simply install timeshift on the live USB and choose the restore snapshot.

yay timeshift
yay cronie
run timeshift .


Thanks could not remember and couldn’t find the bookmark I made of his post. Yours is now bookmarked.

Also a possibility: boot with a Live-Distro of your choice, which already contains timeshift. From there it is no problem to start a snapshot in timeshift. I always have a stick with some distro lying around here somewhere.


I must have missed that post, but apples is apples, both ways get the job done :smiley:

Another good reason to have timeshift in the endeavour repo and on the iso images :wink:


Are you volunteering to maintain it? :laughing:

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I can steal it :rofl:

2 chaotic-aur/timeshift 20.03-1 (899.1 KiB 3.1 MiB) (Installed: 20.03-3)
    A system restore utility for Linux
1 archlinuxcn/timeshift 20.03-3 (747.2 KiB 3.1 MiB) (Installed)
    A system restore utility for Linux

And yes, I can volunteer, I have never taught myself package builds.

Votes: 139
Popularity: 8.53

I am wondering why it is not in community… may “only” because it is a GUI-application :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I would not mind having this into the repo if someone will maintain it and provide a wiki on how to use it?

you can install timeshift on the liveISO from AUR, and providing a Backup Solution sounds nice. but it is not what EndeavourOS is about there are different ways to backup, and we do not want everybody using the same solution, better to have Information on how to use them and you can choose what fits personal preferences.


This is not for backup it is for emergency recovery, but you are correct, one should expect that EnOS users have a bit of savvy :smiley:

That was a brilliant and easiest idea. I used the Manjaro live cd and it worked!
And, thanks everyone for your input. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think i said that too! First time. :point_up_2: