How to restore default .bashrc?

Seems I’ve messed up my original EOS .bashrc. Even though I did save a .bashrc.bak copy it is not the original after new install.

Did you take a look in /etc/skel/.bashrc ?

Actually I figured it out.
For some reason after updating to kernel 5.10 the theme on Yakuake that I use (Solarized) stopped showing my nano syntax highlighting. I’ve been fussing with it trying to configure the nanorc file and such. Just now got a bright idea to see if a plain Konsole would show any difference and BANG! It was the (Solarized) theme in Yakuake causing the problem.

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I believe this can be marked as a solution for anyone in similar scenario in future. Don’t you @tulambin?

I just installed EOS and found that my .bashrc was overwritten. I had a copy and called the overwriter EOS.bashrc in case I need something from it later.