How To Remove Windows Bootloader?

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I have a 1TB nvme drive with EndeavourOS on it as my main OS, and a second 120GB ssd with Windows on it. Recently I had to reinstall windows, and didn’t unplug the nvme drive first like I should have. So it installed its bootloader into the boot partition on my nvme drive instead of creating a new boot partition on the 120GB ssd like I wanted/expected. It seemed to work ok for a while, I almost never use Windows anyways. But recently I updated the bios on my motherboard and it automatically booted into windows, and poof my grub was gone, so I had to chroot into Endeavour and regenerate it (thank you so much for your wiki post on how to do that, total life saver).

Anyway, now I want to remove the Windows bootloader from my nvme boot partition, and either wipe windows for good or reinstall it properly this time. How do I remove the Windows bootloader without risking damaging my EndeavourOS install? I’m fairly new to Linux and don’t know how this all works.

Assuming that this is an UEFI install, you could just navigate to /boot/efi/EFI and remove Microsoft folder. There should be a folder EnOS in there as well. That one you could leave as is.

Please note that this will make your Windows unbootable.

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Awesome, found it. Yes, Windows made me mad enough that I’m just wanting it gone. :laughing: I’ll try it out, thank you very much!

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