How to remove a strange square appearing in the widget bar?

I update EOS daily and for several weeks I have had a strange square (with “F64F” written inside it) showing on the widget bar.

Here is a screenshot (the square is before the date).

What is it and how could I remove it?

Don’t know which window manager you are using. But I suppose the plugin/widget for the date in your panel tries to display a symbol / graphic from an uninstalled font (or a font not supporting utf-8 characters). Some fonts have graphics in there.

see here

You could try to right click on date and see if you can configure the display. May be there’s an option to display a (calendar?) icon before the date along with the date format string.

But it’s just a guess…


You’re right, thank you! The issue came from the config of the clock widget:

widget.Clock(format=' %Y-%m-%d %a %H:%M',

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