How to pronounce "Endeavour"


I’ve been a fan of the project since it released it’s first ISO, I respect and love the work of you all, thank you. But there’s something I’ve always wanted to ask, how can I pronounce “Endeavour”, is it like English, or maybe French (which I love and use btw), or nothing like that at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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First of all welcome to the community.

Endeavour is British-English and in America it’s spelled Endeavor.

It is pronounced like this.


Oh I see, I was worng the whole time lol

But thank you so much!!


Wrong like Adrien Linuxtricks in his video saying something like: ende-avour.

See this video in french:

Once again, french people are ashamed while speaking english!

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To be honest, I like that pronounciation. It sounds more sophisticated. Then again, to me everything sounds better in french.

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Really? As a 45 years old french man, I do not completely agree here :joy:

Well as a 45 year old Dutch guy, I have to disagree with you :joy:

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In French i thought it was n - d - avour. lol

If you say it like Adrien Linuxtricks, indeed. I try to use english sounds for english word when it is logical to do so.

@Bryanpwo You’re 45 too? Year 1974 power!!! :wink:

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Il dit : Ende-Va-Our-Os au lieu d’Ende-Avour-OS, il inverse EAV en EVA, pas sûr que tous les Français prononceraient ainsi, en tous cas sa vidéo est bien. Sinon, on peut dire EOS, cela n’a pas le même charme, mais bon ! Je suis sûr d’une chose : écrire eos pour nommer les fichiers, c’est drôlement pratique. :wink:

He says : Ende-Va-Our-Os in spite of Ende-Avour-OS, he inverses EAV in EVA, not sure that all French would pronounce the same, anyway his video is well. Otherwise, we could say EOS, then it’s not the same charm, but ok ! I’m sure about something, name file with eos is very useful.

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That’s good to know, too. :slight_smile:

I prefer the British English pronounciation.