How to prevent a program from making a user account

I noticed that after installing (chaotic-aur) acestream-engine acestream-launcher and python-acestream, used for streaming eeh let’s say ‘Linux related content’, acestream makes itself a useraccount and adds itself to the video group.

EndeavourOS➜  ~  ᐅ  ls /home
 acestream   backoff
EndeavourOS➜  ~  ᐅ  groups acestream

After removing the user acestream the program still functions as it should so I was wondering how can I make sure that it doesn’t get added again in the future? Also is this normal behaviour or should alarm bells go off.


Is it actually adding a permanent account or is it transient via systemd?

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It looks like the package is adding a permanent account as part of the install process.

I don’t know much about that package but often a service will add a user for the service to run as.

You can use --noscriptlet when you install it to stop the post install script from running but that isn’t a good idea generally.

It looks pretty reasonable to me to be honest

useradd -u 4035 -g video -m -s /usr/bin/nologin acestream


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