How to prepare for the Plasma 6 transition?

I am using Plasma 5 with a heavily customized Latte Dock configuration with lots of applets.

I am unsure if some of the applets (e.g. global menu, window buttons, window title) will still work with Plasma 6, or whether Latte Dock will work.

How should I prepare for the upcoming Plasma6 upgrade so that it would not break my configuration? Should I revert back to default KDE configurations before the update?

I will deactivate all plasmoids that are still running on Plasma5. I then set everything to Breeze default. Only then will I update to Plasma 6. I have had problems with plasmoids that were not ported in time. But I can’t tell you which plasma version that was.

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You can check what’s been ported so far here:

I tested Plasma 6 with a (very buggy) Neon ISO in a VM. My custom Plasma 5 Window Decorations worked fine with no modifications, I just dropped it into ~/.local/share/aurorae/themes (note that I had to create that directory), and my custom Plasma 5 theme also worked fine with no modification after dropping it into the System Settings “Plasma Style” GUI.


Latte Dock is long unmaintained and dead for all intents and purposes IMHO. It is unreliable even on Plasma 5.27.

latte-dock-git still works well for me in Plasma 5.27, and the Plasma panels don’t have as much capabilities. I hope things will get better with Plasma 6.

latte-dock hasn’t been ported to plasma 6 or qt6.

There is a plasma6 branch that has been created but it doesn’t seem to be in a buildable state.

I would not expect it to be working when plasma 6 hits the repos. It is possible someone will update it at some point in the future.


I confirm that Latte Dock does not anymore work in Plasma 6