How to organize workspaces in Cinnamon

I wonder if there is a way to organize workspaces in “show all workspaces” view in several rows instead of one long row as seen in the picture below:

I know that in Linux Mint they show in several rows. I find that they will be more accessible and easier to have an overview of. I just don’t know what file to look for and edit.

There might be an extension:

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Thanks @jonathon for pointing out that github page!
I’ll read through it to see if I find some solution.


Have you tired the settings for workspaces.

Edit: I also add the applet workplace switcher in the task bar.


Thank you so much @ricklinux! I had totally missed those settings :man_facepalming:t5:



I’ve used Cinnamon for a while so i know it well. Two other things in case you missed it. In effects turn off Window effects or it causes an issue of transparency with the Welcome app. Also on the show desktop icon in the task bar you can set hover i think it’s called? To display the desktop by hovering over it in case you have multiple windows open.

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I’ll look into your suggestions.
Thanks for the help and for sharing your insights! I appreciate it.

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