How to move wallpapers to Gnome backgrounds folder

If I want to add my wallpapers to the standard wallpapers. How do I do that?

I copied them to /usr/share/backgrounds/gnome/ but they dont get shown in my settings.

Did you copy them as root?

Yes and they have been copied to the folder.

Try to make a new folder, on the other hand Gnome does show your pictures folder in the settings also?

That doesnt work either.

Yes, but I want to move it from there.

Check the rights of the pictures you’re trying to move if they have read only rights, if so change them to read and write.


Is this the right folder? /usr/share/backgrounds/gnome/

Yes it is.

Interesstingly I can remove them and put them in there again. They vanish and show up again.

Maybe this article will help you further.

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I found a workaround.

If i put them in


they show up as well and I dont have them in /home/user/Pictures anymore.

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You can also drag them from Nautilus to “Pictures” in the background selector.


Sry, I have missed your answer somehow. Thats a really cool advice. By dragging the picture to the background selector it gets copied in


Now it makes sense the way it is organised it.

Thank you!

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