How to manage logs?

how do you manage logs? or rather how do you clean out old logs that are no longer useful? Not sure I see a reason to keep logs from a month ago let alone more than a year.
thanks for the advice

Like journal logs? I keep 2 weeks worth or so.

journalctl --vacuum-time=2weeks

Also, I just figured since I posted that about journaling. I would link to this. You can keep longer journal or you can set a cap on how much space you’d like.

Beyond that, you should look over system maintenance in general. It will help you keep your computer clean and running smoothly. Update mirrors, clearing the cache and journaling, backups if you prefer. There’s not much honestly. I try to do it every couple of months.

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Thank you for the links! I had done a quick search in the wiki but was to narrow, this will be super helpful

do you do this manually? or did you set up a timer? I’m inclined to set up a systemd timer

Na. I’m too lazy for that. Whenever I get a day and I think, I haven’t done this in a while, and I have free time. . . That’s when I do it.