How to make wifi work on i3

Just installed i3 via this repo:

When I boot into i3 it asks me to enter the password for my wi-fi network, however upon entering it the wi-fi still does not work. I tried using nmcli to list all available networks, but after executing, the command freezes and never ends. Trying to connect to a network with nmcli ends with the same process-freeze.
I’m really confused at this point

will not have anything to do with i3 itself… setup installs network-manager-applet what will show up on the bar to be used.

But it could be you need to enable NetworkManager?
systemctl status NetworkManager
and give some info about the network device:
inxi -Na

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Alright then. I’ll reply to you soon with the info. Thank you for helping me!

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Sorry for the wait. Here’s my output

I think I also should mention that whenever I connect through nmcli it gives me the following message “Secrets were required but not provided”

Try to use the text interface :


You can modify/add a connection easily.

May polkit manager is not starting or even not installed?
Should be gnome-polkit. …
And yea nmcli should work .
I do not see there is an underlaying general issue with wifi / network

Just got it to work with the help of this article:

The first answer helped me.

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