How to make time shift to take auto-snapshots

I have installed timeshift to make backup of my system and Iam using btrfs for both ‘/’ and ‘/home’.

after installing and configuring the timeshift I tried to create a manual snapshot but the snapshot created was 0B in size.

how to make manual and auto snapshots in timeshift with btrfs.

For automated snapshots with Timeshift when you update your system, you can install the Timeshift-autosnap package. For manual snapshots you need to set up a place to store your backups, which timeshift should prompt you to do the first time you run it. It sounds as if you’ve done this, but perhaps you can confirm it has been set up properly.

There is also snapper, which I think is a bit better suited for btrfs snapshots, but has a steeper learning curve.

edit: be careful when you’re restoring @home, as it will remove files created after the snapshot, i.e. you risk losing pictures, documents and whatever else you have stored there.