How to make nautilus use different icon theme? (GNOME 40)

Hi, I like the look of Papirus-Dark Icon theme for folders & file icons (in nautilus) however I dislike the app icons so I switched to paper icon theme.

Is there a way to only make nautilus use Papirus-Dark Icon theme without changing the system-wide icon theme?

I tried gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus icon-theme Papirus-Dark but it didn’t work.

GTK_THEME=arc-darker nautilus

but i do not think this is in any way implemented as a default option to choose on GNOME.

find this article:

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Possible but would using different themes for different applications get very messy and possibly unstable when trying to render them graphically? It’s certainly not K.I.S.S!

Hi, I’m not trying to change the app theme itself, just the Icon theme. GTK_THEME=Papirus-Dark nautilus doesn’t work since Papirus-Dark is an icon theme not an app theme.

It’s not the app theme itself, just the icon theme. Root apps run in a different theme anyways, (I had to link theme folder to root/.theme to fix it). On a side note: the extension app does not seem to respect the system wide theme even after fixing themes for app running in root.