How to make (gnome-)terminal background translucent

Is there a way to make the terminal background translucent? Don’t see the option in settings.

Which terminal are you referring to?

Gnome Terminal. Not a big deal but the setting is in other distros using Gnome.

You can use gnome-terminal-transparency from AUR.

Since version 3.7 transparency feature has been removed from preferences.

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Prior to gnome 40 you had to install gnome-terminal-transparency or gnome-terminal-fedora. The latter adds transparency and notifications if I remembering correctly.

I had thought that changed with gnome 40 but I don’t track gnome that closely.

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Thanks for the update. I just opened Xfce terminal and it’s translucent by default, so i can use that one if needed.

Have to say that this forum is one of the best I’ve ever used and I have used many. :slight_smile: