How to make a USB dac selection persistent

my USB dac goes to stand-by mode once the youtube video or movie is over, and system automatically switches to motherboard dac. When I start next video 10s or more later, had to manually select USB output. How to make selected device persistent.
Also how to disable HDMI audio output/devices as I’m not using that.
Lastly I tried PulseEffects for equalisation but could not select “Pulseeffects for apps” as output option, like in my previous distros.
Any pointers welcome and thank you.

P.S. might be useful - xfce4, 5.11.1-arch1-1
PPS Saw another threat bit down about Pulse effects not running as intended. Will read it.

PulseEffects 5.0 switched to PipeWire rather than PulseAudio, so you can’t use it without installing PipeWire. You can use pulseeffects-legacy is you want to keep using PulseAudio.

Yes, info from the link worked a treat. :+1:

Nice, didn’t knew. Will read more about it. :nerd_face:
Thanks a mill.