How to limit cursor to a window or display?

I’m pretty sure those problems you have on X11 are kwin specific, unfortunately KDE seems to slowly but surely trying to sweep it under the rug.

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Disabling doesn’t work because I use the second display, moving it out of the most used direction kind of helps but it is not foolproof solution as I may use those directions.

I think so as well but I got used to KDE with some specific customizations that are only easily made here and it made switching to something else a hassle I am not ready to overcome.

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I know, same for me… :upside_down_face:

One day i’ll leave all that BLOAT… :rofl:

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How are using the other one when gaming, you do game Streaming or something like that and have to watch your chat?

No, I watch or read stuff on the other display.

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So you have run it using Lutris as well?

Yes, I did try. Works fine with that.

I didn’t catch that before, so it seems to be a Steam problem then like you already mentioned before. Then why not just Lutris instead of Steam to play it?

You don’t have to, dwm works nicely alongside Plasma. So you use Plasma for all your plasming needs, but when you need something that sucks less, there’s dwm. And eventually, as you realise that nobody needs a bloated desktop like Plasma, you can phase it out and keep using dwm.

I know, but in order to leave BLOAT…one doesn’t add more BLOAT :rofl:
You gotta do what you gotta do!

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By playing with lutris I meant messing with game’s steam dlls to completely disable steam integration and running without steam at all. Doable but I kinda want the integration.
In addition, it would be good to know the way to properly lock mouse.