How to launch remote desktop on Plasma 6.1

According to KDE, we should be able to launch remote desktop server under system setting, but when I typed “rdp” into the search, nothing came up. Can anyone show me how to configure this properly?

Is krdc and krdp installed yet?

[thomas@roamer ~]$ pacman -Q krdc krdp
krdc 24.05.1-1
krdp 6.1.0-1


Got it. Can you show me how to add VNC onto the drop down menu?

I don’t use vnc nor rdp.
Maybe vnc is just not supported?

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Do you have libvncserver and libssh installed? Those look like the relevant optional dependencies.

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You probably need also krfb?

Did you manage to connect remotely? I keep getting an error.

I didn’t install krfb but the remote desktop works fine without it. Other PCs are able to access the host.

I think krfb is only needed if you use VNC protocol, but I use RDP and it works fine.


I try to use rdp ( or VNC ) to connect from a Windows 10PC to EndeavourOs ( Arhc based distro ).
I have both krdp and krdc, I enabled Remote Desktop from settings and created a user.
On RDP I get error 0x2104 and on VNC I get "target machine actively refused it.
Does anybody know what can be the cause of this?

I also tried NoMachine, X2go, xrdp, but to no success. anydesk works on X11 only, and RustDesk has buggy audio on both X11 and wayland, both pulseaudio and pipewire