How to install without booting into live USB?

Hi all, sorry if it is a noob question but is it possible to install distros (specifically Arch) on another partition without booting into a flash drive? What I mean by this is that while I’m logged in here (EOS), can I just mount the live USB, chroot into it, then do the installation from there?

This is because just for fun, I want to learn to install Arch via the “Arch way” and thought it would be convenient to have Firefox showing me the wiki installation guide on the side while I do the install.

Thank you!

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I usually pull it up on my phone so I can easily follow along.

I think your biggest hurdle is as far as I’m aware, that you can’t partition a disk in use. So you’d have to live iso at least minimum to format an empty partition for your new install.

It may just be easier to install in a VM, that way you can practice and if something goes awry you can kill it and start over.


You can that - suffice you have an empty partition available - you can even do it using an USB stick or an SDcard.

Install the package arch-install-scripts - plug in the USB stick - target the usb stick with the installation scripts and configs.


If you an Android device handly (phone or tablet) you can run the Archwiki app or follow it on a browser - that’s what I do my Arch way installs with. I believe there is also a way to have it present within the Arch install for reference - but I never tried it that way for the reason stated above. Just a note here- pay attention to the links! And, add nano to the pacstrap command… :grin: There’s more - but you’ll see it on the way through if you follow links - they want to make sure you can read instructions Archwiki style!

Why dont you install in a virtualbox? This is how I do my testing and education.


I do install pure arch mostly from a archbased LiveISO with graphical DE so that i can copy paste commands from Browser, as we do use basically the archISO to build the Installer ISO you have the needed tools already on the ISO, simple change the pacman.conf to exclude the EndeavourOS mirrors and you can install Archlinux from a Terminal inside Live Session.




How I’ve install Arch in the past was to install Arch and have Lynx or elinks on another VM. Then view install Arch doc on Lynx. I switched back and forth from VM when I needed assistants.

The Arch installer now comes with a handy built-in wiki viewer - you can switch TTY and do everything “live” on the same system.


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