How to install thunderbird

I have downloaded thunderbird-beta-bin.tar.gz from AUR snapshot. How to install the same endeavouros.

Just install it using yay.

yay -S thunderbird

…and keep on hitting ‘Enter’.

Unless you are curious, and/or want a specific package.

Sir, it is working . thank you for the help. Regards. Another question how to install libreoffice writer

The same way. :slight_smile:

I guess you could just chose that specific package. I honestly haven’t tried installing ‘just’ LibreOffice writer, but it should work fine.

If it doesn’t, just uninstall and then install the whole caboodle.

It should be working no problem.

yay -S thunderbird

Just press press enter to all.

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Can I install writer alone ?

Answer above.

I have never tried to install just writer. I have always installed the full libre office fresh.

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While it is supposed to be possible, finding the right pieces in Arch or EndeavourOS could be challenging. The way it is structured, I understand, is that there is a ‘base’ of shared capabilities, and the actual apps are relatively small - thus leading to the decision to drop them all on even if you suspect you’ll only use the Writer for the most part.

I’ve installed the lot, but only Writer and Calc made the cut for inclusion on my dock! Actually, I find I use Calc often as a ‘form generator’ rather than as a spreadsheet, or as a mini database with simple sort and filter abilities - which means you could use it more than you first think…

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I have installed full libreoffice fresh. Actually, I need only Writer and spreadsheet.

Sounds reasonable to me! No idea why… :grin:

The rest is there if you happen to come up with a need - to impress perhaps - but well worth having the 2 parts you have there.

Writer and Spreadheet are modules but can’t be installed in standalone version as libreoffice is a Office suite.
If you need a word processor and a spreadsheet I suggest you abiword and gnumeric

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Dear ricklinux,

You have helped me several times in the past (even way back on Antergos) so here is another question I have for you.

A few years ago I had thunderbird installed on a computer (I believe I was using MX Linux at the time) and it worked perfectly but I was never able to find where the messages were stored locally on my computer so I could back them up to an external hard drive. So I stopped using it, merely just using GMail.

Can you tell me where I could find the thunderbird folder within EOS so that I would be able to back up my stored messages onto a separate drive?



The Thunderbird profile is in a hidden folder in home. It is .thunderbird but i don’t think it has your messages stored there at least in a format where you can save them. I think you can copy the .thunderbird folder with the profile if you were moving it to another computer with Thunderbird on the same setup and be able to open the emails in thunderbird. But I’m not 100% sure on that. Normally your provider keeps your emails on their server and it depends also on whether you are using POP3 or IMAP for the email servers.

In Thunderbird you have some options such as putting any email you want to save into the Archive folder and have it moved out of your inbox. Then it is saved in an Archive folder in Thunderbird for future. You can also use the export and import feature to save the emails as a file. They can be saved to another folder or location but then need to be imported back in order to open them to view. I think Archiving is good but if you need them backed up then exporting them might be the way if you are putting them on another drive. Also there are add-ons in Thunderbird that will do backups. I have not tried them so you would have to set it up and experiment to see if it’s what you want.

Also in case you are unaware you can have multiple email accounts on thunderbird and it works well.

I like Thunderbird a lot and i use it but i don’t save my emails normally. My suggestion is to set up Thunderbird and then use the help which will take you to the Thunderbird webpage and you should be able to get more answers. I don’t want to suggest something if it’s not true. I can only provide you with the info that i know but you’ll need to verify and check that it’s accurate for your needs. Hope this helps. It is a good email client and it has calendar and tasks and other add-ons so i like it and use it.


I think folder $HOME/.thunderbird contains everything, including emails and passwords. So copying that folder should so the trick.


Dear manuel,

Thanks for this information. When things get sorted around here, I may try Thunderbird again.