How to install sass and css vendor prefixes?

I managed to install more or less all I need for my work. I still need a way to convert sass to css and add vendor prefixes to compiled css. I can do this with prepros but I’d like to have an option to do it in terminal.

First I searched on pacman and installed sass-lib which seems like the right thing but i wasnt. I read that sass works with nodejs or something similar so I installed nodejs which didn’t changed anything.

anyway… i removed that nodejs and went to sass website where is stated that you install sass on linux using some homebrew. I tried to install that from aur packages and I got this:

I didn’t managed to install sass, so expect some excitement when I’ll try to install vendor prefixes for css :slight_smile:

If anyone use sass to css converter and CSS vendor prefixes would be great to share what exactly I need to install.

Thank you

There are multiple options in the repos:

$ pacman -Ss sass
community/dart-sass 1.49.8-1
    Sass makes CSS fun again
community/libsass 3.6.5-2
    C implementation of Sass CSS preprocessor (library).
community/ruby-jekyll-sass-converter 2.1.0-2
    Sass converter for Jekyll
community/ruby-sass 3.7.4-3
    Sass makes CSS fun again
community/ruby-sass-listen 4.0.0-9
    Listens to file modifications and notifies you about the changes
community/ruby-sassc 2.4.0-2
    Use libsass with Ruby!
community/sassc 3.6.2-3
    C implementation of Sass CSS preprocessor.

Using homebrew seems like the wrong approach given Arch/EnOS already has a package manager and the AUR, but the error in the log is this:

ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

which could point to this thread:

This seems like quite a specific web development question and kind of broad for the EnOS forum?

As jonathon says, SASS related queries are more related to the tools you’re using for your web app. (though we can help with installing them) If your app has a server, or compile step before deployment, you’d probably want to use something that works with the toolset you’re using (NodeJS, Ruby, Django etc).

If you are publishing static sites from your system, you’d want to compile sass manually using one of the multiple utilities. Sass is just a language. There are multiple compiler implementations available.

For compiling sass manually, I would use sassc.

yay -S sassc


sassc input.sass output.css

does exactly what it looks like.

Vendor prefixes? I believe mixins let you do that, but there’s no in built solution. Use something like compass or write your own mixin.
I might be terribly wrong here

Thanx for info. Yes my question is a little too speciffic to web development. I’ll turn for help here when I will have some installation problems which I don’t understand like that I posted.

I noticed various SASS to CSS compilers but I wanted to install that original sass from the offical website. I’l ltest sassc, thanx for info.

Vendor prefixes are needed for CSS compatibility and yes it can be solved using proper mixin but for that you need to modify a lot of existing code. Problem is that we have a lot of projects done with bootstrap and css is compiled with prepros which adds prefixes automatically on parsed CSS. When I have to update some project without automatix vendpor prefix parser I need to update a lot of code which is not viable.
I’ll just use prepros until I figure it out how to do it in console.

That is dart-sass in community repo.

yay -S dart-sass