How to install optional dependencies?

Brand new to EndeavourOS, I left Lubuntu to try something new. I’m installing libreoffice using:
sudo pacman -S libreoffice-fresh
Package then installs as expected, but then lists optional dependencies that could be installed, some of which I’ll need. Do I install the optional dependencies one by one using the package names Terminal gives me? Or is there a command I’m missing like -Sxx that would install everthing? I’ve searched the forum and web but haven’t seen this answered.

You can just type them all out in one shot.

pacman -Syu package 1 package 2 package 3 etc
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Thanks for the reply. -Syu package1, etc., not, -S package1 ect.?

There’s little functional difference between the two.

-Syu $package updates all packages at the same time as installing $package

-S $package installs $package.

Have a read through


OK, thanks. I’ll check out the link.