How to install a label printer that is not listed in CUPS?


The printer in the link below is a 4x6 label printer I use for work. Right now, every time I want to print labels, I have to disconnect my Wi-Fi on the OS and connect to the Wi-Fi signal the printer gives off. This method is a hindrance on my workflow and is only a temporary method I am putting up with.

The traditional Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth and USB all don’t work. I have tried setting it up in CUPS, but the specific printer model doesn’t show up.

I’ve manually installed letter printers using CUPS numerous times, but this one I can’t figure out.

Anyone have any advice?

I’d begin by installing this package:

I will try this out, but I suspect it won’t work because when I look at the sources at the bottom of the page, I’ve tried that file out on my Debian machine with no luck. Will try again though in case it works on Arch.

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