How to install a dock launcher?

I’ve noticed there is no dock launcher out of the box using GNOME desktop environment on EndeavourOS.

How do I install one like you see on here?

The screenshot is titled “Dash to Dock”. This is a GNOME extension, so just install it from once it is updated for GNOME 42:



I installed dash-to-dock version 72 using the yay command but it seems to be rather unstable? Auto-hide feature is enabled.

That’s a prerelease version, so it might not be stable yet.

This breakage happens with every GNOME major version release - there are many threads from over the years… :pensive:

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Perhaps it would a good idea if EndeavourOS with GNOME had a dock or panel out of the box. That would make things much easier.

How would that exist unless it used the exact extension that’s currently broken?

This is why very few distributions include heavily-customised GNOME profiles - extensions break. Ubuntu is a case in point - they have pretty much forked GNOME for 22.04.

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Here we go again. Here is the “About us” page of the EndeavourOS web site.

Quote from this web page

To avoid the project becoming unmanageable, we decided in the early stage of development
to provide a basic system that is close to Arch Linux. That’s why we are aiming for a Linux
user with an intermediate level of knowledge who likes to handle a system that needs
hands-on customization from the get-go, with the help of our 
main standout feature: Our vibrant and friendly community.

This resulted in a distro that is lightweight and ships with a minimum amount of
preinstalled apps. An almost blank canvas ready to personalize.



Thank you for the info. I’m still learning!

EndeavourOS is my first attempt away from Debian-based distros, and what made me choose this distro specifically was the premise of a friendly community too.


If you use Gnome on Xorg, you could try Plank.
Unfortunaly, it doesn’t work on Wayland as of now,

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No need for dock in gnome , no need for dock at all on most DE’s… understand it personal preference :blush: keyboard faster :innocent:


KDE Plasma does not need any extensions that break on every update in order to do add even the most basic functionality, or to be able to do any customisation…

Just saying… :wink:


I’m sure you can learn a lot about this great distro, just don’t hope to be something similar to Debian-based, I’ve came here from there too and wanted to get everything installed and ready to use with a single click, that was my mistake, but now I know it’s better to understand how things work on here and that terminal is the best friend you could find on any rolling release distro.

Yes, we are. Just try to enjoy, soon you’ll feel like home.

About the dock, I was about to suggest Plank, but it doesn’t run on Wayland, so you can use it only on Xorg sessions.

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Thank you!

It’s been an interesting journey experimenting with a different Linux structure for the first time (Arch), kind of tough to learn but interesting nonetheless. Another thing that drew me to EndeavourOS was its installer, I’ve never come across so many options to choose from and that is super exciting for me! Since I don’t understand most things in the installer, it offers a very good start to learn how Linux works and that is awesome! This is exactly why you see me asking so many questions on this forum!

About Plank, yeah I remember using it with Linux Mint not long ago. But I’m leaning towards Wayland this time, it feels snappier on my AMD specs.

Question: if one doesn’t use a dock or panel, how one opens applications on GNOME? By using the terminal?

on trackpad/touchpad for me it 3 finger up or on keyboard super ( windows/cmd ) + space

EDit …on trackpad/touchpad 3 finger up give search ( overview ) no sure what it call . if 3 finger up again you see icons

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It wouldn’t be unless gnome decides to ship a dock in default.

Applications over view which is the super key


You can use the terminal, but GNOME has an applications launcher that is accessible via a few routes. It’s pretty straightforward, and would take longer to describe than for you to try.

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Another way:

Super/Windows + A brings up the app grid view from which you could launch your apps by clicking on the icon.


That’s the best way to learn, keep on it.

Press Super (Windows) key, you’ll see open windows in current workspace. Below, you’ll find the dock (kind of), with icons for favorite and current open apps. Click on “grid button” to browse all apps installed or just start typing the name of the app that you want to launch.

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Dash to dock oddly enough never broke for me.

That being said, it does show up as “Ubuntu dock” in the extensions list.


GNOME is so minimal, you don’t use applications at all on GNOME. :rofl: