How to increase touchpad speed permanantly on hyprland?

I am dunno how to do it.

On Arch Linux, adjusting the touchpad speed is typically done using the xinput command. Here are the steps to increase the touchpad speed permanently on Hyperbola (an Arch Linux derivative):

  1. Open a terminal.

  2. Use the following command to list available input devices and find the ID of your touchpad:

    xinput list

    Look for the entry corresponding to your touchpad, and note the ID.

  3. Once you have the ID, use the following command to see the current properties of the touchpad:

    xinput list-props <your-touchpad-id>

    Find the property responsible for controlling the speed of the touchpad. It’s often named something like “Synaptics Move Speed” or “libinput Accel Speed.”

  4. To change the touchpad speed, use the following command, replacing <property-id> with the ID of the property you found in the previous step and <speed-value> with the desired speed value:

    xinput --set-prop <your-touchpad-id> <property-id> <speed-value>

    For example:

    xinput --set-prop 12 273 1.5

    This command sets the speed of the touchpad with ID 12 and property ID 273 to a value of 1.5. You may need to experiment with different speed values to find the one that suits you.

  5. If you are satisfied with the speed, you can make this change permanent by adding the command to a startup script. Create a new script, for example,, and add the following content:

    xinput --set-prop <your-touchpad-id> <property-id> <speed-value>

    Make the script executable:

    chmod +x
  6. Finally, add the script to your desktop environment’s startup applications. The method for doing this can vary depending on your desktop environment. For example, in a desktop environment that uses Xfce, you can go to “Settings” > “Session and Startup” > “Application Autostart” and add the path to your script.

Remember to replace <your-touchpad-id>, <property-id>, and <speed-value> with the appropriate values for your system. Additionally, the availability of specific properties and their IDs may vary depending on your touchpad model and the driver in use.