How to increase time on prompts for passwords?


I’m new to working with Linux and was trying to install the unreal engine from the aur using yay. I even came quite close to succeeding in doing so, but decided, after an installation process of 1.5h that I might as well take out the trash. Big mistake! within the ~15min i was gone a prompt for my user password was required of me, timed out, thus resulting in an error which ended the installation process.

Is there a way of increasing the time I have to enter a password when prompted for one within the terminal?

I think you could pass --sudoloop to yay to prevent the sudo to time out:

--sudoloop Loop sudo calls in the background to avoid timeout

yay --sudoloop --save

That will save it to your config file.


another (temporary) solution in such a case is to just run yay again. i have had it timeout on me but running the same command i was trying to run before leads to the sudo prompt almost immediately. yay has already downloaded and prepared the source for install/update at that point and that does not get reset when sudo times out

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