How to get only a portion of a video, youtube-dl command?


Sometimes I have videos of which I am only interested in keeping a few minutes, the rest is irrelevant … How can a section or part of a video be recorded / downloaded with the youtube-dl command? - The youtube-dl-gui application does not have a way to achieve this.

I’ve tried things like this, but they don’t work for me:

Thanks for any advice on this.


simple use screencaster? like simplescreenrecorder, where you can select a region of the screen to record

If I remember correctly, youtube-dl can’t download specific times. You need to cut it with ffmpeg, as described in the link you provided.

ffmpeg -ss 00:00:15.00 -i "FILE" -t 00:00:10.00 -c copy out.mp4
type or p[keos@keos-pc ~]$ ffmpeg $(youtube-dl -g '' | sed "s/.*/-ss 00:00 -i &/") -t 06:48 -c copy out.mkv
aste code here

I never tried the last command ... it works!!.

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