How to get KDE and i3 separate


I am on KDE atm. But I want to try i3 or even Sway .
Now, is it possible to have i3 separate. What I mean by separate, I dont want i3 apps when I am log in KDE :slight_smile:

Or for that I need to make another user ?


How many are they and how bad is being annoyed by a menu? :smile:
There may be ways to configure your workflow in a way that the menu is not annoying much :person_shrugging: .

Every user will have the same menu, when in KDE.

One way you can configure which menu entries are visible on each DE session, is to create a .desktop file for each menu application you want to modify visibility, and add a ruling key in the file, depending on the DE/session .


Read about desktop files.
If the entries are not only few, you may want to use a utility (GUI, or cli) for batch modifications.

Maybe try my own utility that can do such complicated things, among others, but it needs RTFM and some testing for proper usage. If so, better use the included PKGBUILD.git, for the latest changes and fixes.

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Oh, damn… It looks more simpler in my mind :smiley:

I thought it would be like 2-3 commands and that is , hehe
i will check your way and decide what to do.

Or maybe to mess my system with KDE and i3 ,and choose on login what to use xD Or just stay on KDE ,lol

As said…

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