How to fully remove pamac-all?

Upon trying to install pamac-all using yay, I believe I selected the wrong GUI version, as when it installed it had a GNOME like interface that didn’t follow my system theme (I’m running KDE Plasma). I uninstalled it both with pacman -R pamac-all and yay -R pamac-all, but when I try to install it again, it won’t prompt me with which GUI version I want to install. I also deleted the ~/.config/pamac, but still, no luck.

Is there any way to completely remove pamac in order to install it with the correct graphical interface? Thanks in advance.

Just install whichever version you do want. If there’s conflicting packages from your other install, yay will inform you.

For example:

yay - Syu pamac-aur

Every pamac package in AUR that mentions a GUI is using GTK, not QT. Maybe Manjaro does something different with their version, but I don’t see an option here. pamac-all just installs all the extra package plugins for snap and flatpak; unless you use either, I’d go with @fbodymechanic’s suggestion of pamac-aur.

Manjaro is the developer of Pamac, but the only QT - based GUI I can think of is Octopi.

EDIT: Sorry, I answered to the wrong person, I meant @Pac4

bauh is also qt based


I didn’t know that, I thought it was also GTK based.

I tried both and I feel that bauh is better and lightweight

So, I installed the gtk GUI version and rebooted and everything is fine now, thanks :slight_smile:

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