How to fix new Pamac 6.0-Add/Remove Software GUI not working

Hey everyone :wave:

If you still struggle with Pamac 6.0 … Becuz of the recent update

:x:Pamac Add/Remove software still dead
:x:Or Pamac-manager in terminal complain about that pesky lib file (or whatever that damn thing is called). Still fairly new world of Arch mind you

Well… I was about to say screw it lets just TimeShift back… Maybe uninstall rebuild Yay/Pamac as suggested around

But I saw someone in manjaro forum suggesting copying the missing lib files…
So I said hey lets give it a shot. nothing to lose if things blow up got Timeshift back up

I’m pleased to let you know Everything in Endavour OS is in order now… :smiley:

Note: I’am still new to world of Arch… so not sure if this is the most elegant solution… well share anyway if you still stuck hope it will help you out​:point_down:

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You are effectively downgrading your libraries but not letting your package manager know you did so. This is a good way to break your installation.

Just use pacman, like it is intended. GUI package managers are not supported on Arch.

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As @Kresimir said, you’re effectively downgrading the library. However, doing it manually instead of doing it through a package manager means other packages which depend on the latest libalpm may not work as intended (which includes pacman 6). This breakage is precisely what package managers are designed to prevent. If you really wish to downgrade the library, you’re better off doing it through pacman/yay/paru or through a tool called downgrade. If you wish to keep the parallel download feature that comes with pacman 6, you may want to replace pamac with something else: like bauh or tkpacman (both are GUI package managers, but bauh seems to be more feature rich).


If I am being honest, I can’t understand why anyone would risk breaking their system to this degree when you consider:

  • It is a graphical package manager, not a tool you need to use constantly
  • It will be fixed if you wait for Manjaro to catch up
  • There are many alternatives, graphical, tui and/or cli to choose from in the interim

Must login to read. Don’t post sites like that here, please, information should be open.

Also: that method is horrible.

@Dalto: lock and unlist? This is terrible advice.


Hey ReemZ just checked the Minds link unlogged … bugger wasn’t aware you got to log to read… I take that back

Posting the manjaro thread mentioned

& thanks Kresimir for the head-up. I revised the manajro thread & I see this was a fatal mistake.

That’s why I made a little disclaimer towards the end that I’m not the expert…

Pretty new to Endeavor ( some Manjaro background). So I don’t become responsible if it brakes someone’s system if this turns out to be a bad move

Anyway I’ll Timeshift back to revese that Lib thing when I get home… Hopefully i didn’t severely damage the system

Thanks for the valuable feedbacks folks (still an ARCH apprentice here)…

Feel free to withdraw this thread before someone with less experience try this out… and end up unforunately wrecking their system with this bad approach


@jonathon made an AUR package to achieve the same thing you were trying to achieve but in safer manner.

I would reinstall pacman to upgrade it again and then try installing this: