How to finely tune KDE?

It kinda bothers me I can’t really figure out how to fine tune KDE. I installed the Layan theme (while using Kvantum themes), but I can’t figure out how to fine tune every little thing to make it really what I want it to be.

For example, see this that contains New folder, how do I change the colours of the background of the Window?

The Layan theme changed the start menu such as the 5 bottom icons, I want to use the Breeze icons however, how do I change this?

If I want to have a slightly curved edges for my windows, how would I do this?


How do I change the checkbox’s colour?

I want to add these icons but only for the taskbar and no where else, and if the application is opened, it should show a dot to indicate it is opened as shown as in the image, how do I configure all of this by hand? Is there some guide that is available that shows how to customise this by hand easily?


I can only tell for theming without kvantum. If you selected the Global Theme and after that select the Breeze Iconpack, all icons should go back to Breeze.
Windowborders are part of the theme.
For Colors you have a separate entry in the system settings. If you chose a color-scheme there it “overwrites” the global theme.
A Global Theme is just a combination of Plasma Style, Application Style, Colors, Fonts, Wallpaper, etc. But you can alway tune those individual.
Again, these are my experiences without kvantum. :slight_smile:

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I don’t want all the icons to use breeze. In the start menu I want to use the breeze icons, But as shown below


I want to use these icons ONLY for the taskbar and no where else, do you know how to do this?

Yeah, I thought so. First the “panel” looks like a Latte Dock, there you can chose if you want dots or underlines. As far as I rememeber you didn’t want Latte Dock. :wink:
I don’t know a method to apply different icons to panel, and the rest of the desktop.
There is a Plasma Look and Feel Explorer App where you can make your own Theme, but I can’t tell you if it can do what you want to achieve.

And there is Plasma Desktop Scripting…

To be honest, I don’t think that there is an easy way to get different icons and you have to hack yourself through Plasma-code. But maybe I’m wrong. Good luck! :smiley:

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Yes correct :slight_smile:

Can I do this with KDE’s default taskbar?

Do I have to script all of this or can I create my own look and feel by using all GUI options available?

I was hoping there was a config file I could mess around with at least to do that?

Thanks mate =D

you got the icons from sweet kde theming ?

Its actually from Linebit. It is similar to candy icons from the sweet KDE theme.

@UncleMez likes the sweet kde theming. Colorfull and dark


Same over here it is quite nice but I prefer the Linebit icons instead of the candy icons.

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