How to find out what font I need


probably a somewhat silly question, but how exactly do I find out what fonts I need, if I have certain characters that aren’t displayed properly?

For example:

I am just seeing


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It seems to be a symbol icon try font awesome or Powerline or this.

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I’ll try them. But how exactly do you find that out in general? This is just one example of many. Is it usually just trial and error or how can one approach this problem a bit more efficient?

I just tried some font and it seem the noto-fonts package did the trick.

That I don’t know. Me personally it’s a duckduckgo search or libreoffice to see what font makes things proper.

EDIT: was replying to your earlier reply :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I just tried to DDG some characters that didn’t show properly. Seems to be the next best way to find out in what general area you should look.

But libreoffice doesn’t really help, or am I misunderstanding what you meant? Because if the fonts are missing, libreoffice can’t deduce the used font anyway.

I entered 096D unicode into the search bar of my browser and got as the first hit:

Unicode Character ‘DEVANAGARI DIGIT SEVEN’ (U+096D)

Warning: searching for just 096D isn’t safe!

Re. Noto:

From here:

The name is also short for “no tofu”, as the project aims to eliminate ‘tofu’: blank rectangles shown when no font is available for your text.

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