How to enable KDE Polkit integration in dolphin


Always frustrated about unable to create/paste/rename files in root protected folders in Dolphin.
Here is a couple a workarounds such as adding “Open Dolphin as root” in the service menu, but its only a messy workaround, i think.
But in 2021 i heard a news about adding polkit integration in Dolphin. So, with this integration i was able, for example, to create folder in root, but when i need permission Dolphin just asks to enter root password in dialog box. But today is 2023 and in still doesn’t work:
But seems like it has been merged:
How i can use this?

First, make sure the package kio-admin is installed.

Then you can use an admin url. Like this admin:///etc

Alternatively, you can right click and select “Open as administrator” which will automatically generate the admin URL.

You may have to restart after installing kio-admin


I’ve installed this, and yes, this actually work, i can manage files with admin:///. But it still required to do additional actions

right click and select “Open as administrator”

Can i do something to avoid unnecessary actions and just do “root related things” right inside my usual working session (with entering my root password if necessary, of course)?

I think most actions as root require being in admin

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