How to enable fingerprint reader system-wide

I have the fingerprint reader working with login, lock screen, and sudo by editing the PAM files. But, how can I enable the fingerprint reader to work system-wide or is that not possible?

I am not 100% sure since I am not using a fingerprint reader but a Yubikey as sudo replacement.
If by “system-wide” you mean dialogs like this:

You need to edit /etc/pam.d/polkit-1

Yes, that’s the dialog I’m talking about PolicyKit1 KDE Agent

I edited /etc/pam.d/polkit-1 and it looked like it was going to work and then I kept getting an error.

I checked my enrolled fingerprint and it was deleted. So I enrolled it again. I tried again and same thing. I keep getting an error and my fingerprint keeps getting deleted.

I did just do an update. Maybe something in the update broke the fingerprint reader. I don’t know.