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I have found at least one wiki page which I would like to edit to fix some typos and formatting, BTRFS with timeshift snapshots on the grub menu. I have also been considering adding another introducing a window manager called dk.

A message was sent to me stating that I had achieved ‘basic’ status, allowing me to edit wiki pages and post multiple images/links to forum posts. Forgive me if I am just not seeing where to do that, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Do I need to contact the article author to make these changes, add a post here, or is there another way to add/edit articles?


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Your forum status allows you to edit wiki posts on the forum.

However, discovery is a separate site and you need a separate account to access it.

Thank you very much for your quick reply!

I didn’t know there were wiki posts on the forum. How do I access those? The “wiki” link on the top navigation bar leads to

And how does one create an account to contribute to the pages on There doesn’t seem to be a sign-up page there.

There is no automated process to get a wiki contributor for discovery.
This is no open Wiki, only some long-term trusted users are added with accounts.

You can indeed suggest changes here and i will add them if possible.
I do not think we will add Article for dk, that’s more a think for a wiki thread here on the forum.
you can use this do the changes and send it to me:

BTRFS_with_timeshift_snapshots_on_the_grub_menu–Discovery.odt (433.9 KB)

or post it here.

Thank you for sending that.

Attached are the changes. Will the server automatically compress the images appropriately?

BTRFS_with_Timeshift_Snapshots_in_the_Grub_Boot_Menu–Discovery.odt (665.2 KB)

I used the wrong type of hyphen in one of the commands, sorry for the re-upload.
BTRFS_with_Timeshift_Snapshots_in_the_Grub_Boot_Menu–Discovery.odt (665.4 KB)

Also, is a Wiki Thread is just something posted in the “Wiki Entry” area?


you can mark a post as wiki so all users can edit it and it can be searched for as such over the forum search…

To show i make this post a wiki.

You can edit it and add something…


i will need to merge this manually… discovery (based on wordpress) will not be able to merge odt documents i bet :wink:

That’s super cool!

Is that just a tool for moderators? I can edit the wiki post you just added, but cannot make other posts (including my own) wiki posts.


The red boxes added to your screenshot are nice. Is there a tool you used to add those, or are they drawn manually?

thats flameshot…

and yes your trustlevel does still not allow you to make posts a wiki i bet…

just merged your changes to the wiki:


That was very fast. Thank you for letting me edit your page!

I bet the message I got just meant I could edit already existing wikis. Actually creating wikis is probably reserved for higher trust levels like you said.

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but if you want to set a post a wiki you can ask moderators or me… i can set it if you want to…
May you can do now already ?

Hello @nick_0189
welcome to the purple universe :enos: :enos_flag: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple: :purple_heart:

Thanks for your engagement, nice article, comes at the right time, I recently built EnOS on an encrypted SSD with BTRFS.

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Thank you! I’ll be sure to do ask you when I have something ready.

Looks like users need to be level 3 (Regular) before being able to turn their posts into wiki posts:

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You will be there soon I bet …
Good night for today

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