How to downgrade linux-lts to a specific version?

Hi there!

I’m experiencing some issues with a video editing software (DaVinci Resolve). According to this source, I need to try using an older Linux kernel (any version older than v6.6).

Currently, I have the following installed:

  • linux (6.7.8.arch1-1)
  • linux-headers (6.7.8.arch1-1)
  • linux-lts (6.6.20-1)
  • linux-lts-headers (6.6.20-1)

When using AKM, I can only install/uninstall the latest version. Do I need to downgrade linux-lts and linux-headers-lts? If so, how do I specify the right version? Alternatively, do I need to manually compile and install v6.5 from GitHub?

I apologize if this is a silly question, but I couldn’t find an answer anywhere.
Thanks in advance for the help!


You can install linux-lts61-headers and linux-lts61 from AUR.

Be aware, this will cause them to be built from source.

You could, alternatively, install some old kernels from the Arch archives but this is not advised since those are frozen in time and will not have any security patches.


Hi @dalto , thank you for your kind and fast reply!!

I’ll proceed with installing linux-lts61 and linux-lts61-headers. I have a question: will installing a different version overwrite the current linux-lts and linux-headers-lts that I have installed?

No, since those are different packages, both will co-exist.

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Thank you again for everything; you are very precious!

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