How to disable/replace gnome-keyring with keepassxc-secret-service

How do I disable gnome-keyring? I got tricked into using it because kwallet did not support tutanota-secret. but after a lot of research with regards to pulling in passwords in bash scripts, I found out that I could use Keepassxc as a secret handler.

I’ve been searching far and wide for a solution that does not intale formatting and reinstalling EndeavourOS.

Does anyone know how I can disable or uninstall gnome-keyring?

sudo pacman -R gnome-keyring

would that take care of PAM and gnome-keyring-service.daemon too?

I’m not sure I remember the right name for that service, you probably get what I’m saying.?

That will completely remove gnome keyring and the gnome-keyring daemon.

Unless you customized your pam config, the lines for the gnome keyring should be optional and be properly handled if it is installed or not.

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awesome thank you, and you are right sir.

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