How to disable automatic screen lock under XFCE?

Suppose I am watching Youtube the turns completely dark & when I move the mouse I see the lock screen & I need type my user password to unlock.

I have disabled power management. I also checked the screensaver settings but screensaver is already disabled.

power management

if you got the power icon right down, right click you see presentation mode;

when it is enabled, the screenlocker does not activate for sureā€¦

Done ! I need time to test this. I will reply after 1 hour.

It worked. Thanks.

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xfce4-screenlocker works basicly like any other xdg-screensaver compatible like lightlocker etcā€¦ Xset turns in then it locksā€¦depend on configsā€¦ if you dont want to load the xfce4-screenlocker then you can always disable it from autostart ^^ :slight_smile:
but then is xset stil there but presentation mode avoid it goes to black.

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