How to customize lock screen

how to customize lock screen on EOS? lock screen means = windows key or meta key + L - and not SDDM lock screen ,


no KDE plasma

Haven’t used plasma for a while. But should be under settings>locking screen or similar.

only shotcut key and wallpaper set but i want change theme or something

I am not sure what else one could expect from a screen locker, it just locks the screen and shows an image. Perhaps there are other screen lockers with more options that can be installed via AUR.

Since I am not a knowledgeable kde plasma user, let’s see what other users say …

This is a list of screen lockers from Arch WiKi.

Try these in a VM before changing your DE. Will save you some time and save you from breaking the system. Once you’re familiar with what to do you can change your own system.